Control :
-WASD or arrow key to move player

-Space to start game or pause game

-Esc key for restart game when the game has ended


Target : 

In 90 seconds, get item from blue point and put it down in red point


Achievement For Score :  4


This is my first time try to join Weekly Game Jam.

And the first Jam theme is "Traffic Jam".
I build this game for the game jam.

Hope you enjoy the game, and please let me know your feedback.
Thank you so much, have a nice day : )

Background Music: 
Car Horn Sound: 
Pop Sound Effect: 
Car Hit Player Sound Effect:
Tools Used :

-Unity 2019.1.2f1
-Adobe Photoshop

Development log


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I like the "Frogger" feel of your game.The simple 3D style works pretty well, and the colors are nice!

The controls themselves were really hard to get at first. About halfway through they "clicked" for me finally. However, I was still really bad at it, haha.

Also, got a weird text garble bug at the end, image attached.

Thanks for playing and give me your feedback !
I will fix this bug today and update something in the game : )
Hope this bug does not make you have an unpleasant experience..

Looks nice and is a cool concept, controls are quite annoying though.


Thanks for playing, I will try to find and build a better control for this game : )
And I also honored that you are willing to try my game.

I like the visuals, though I feel like the voxel character doesn't really fit in with the rest of the low-poly scene. Was pretty fun, though simple gameplay.


Thanks for playing this game : )

I think I will try to update the character to make him look more in line with the style of the game.